Hi, I am Sev

a Graphic and Web Developer

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I create things that people look at and cant get it out of their minds.

Desktop and Mobile Development

Let me build a georgous custom built websites built exactly to your needs.

Wordpress Development

Let me build your custom Wordpress website fit exactly to your specific needs.

SEO Content

Let me Optimize your website so you can get the most out of search engines.

Graphic Design

Let me create your custom grapics for your business.

Featured Project

Take a look at the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Clubs new website.
Custom built to let users find what they are looking for and also allow athelets to collaborate through the internal social network.

About Me

Hey there, I am Sev de Neergaard, a seventeen year old designer from Gainesville, Georgia. I am currently in my 3 year at Chestatee High School. I have taken 4 years of graphic design and webdesign classes as well as aiding in teaching these classes at points. I kayak daily at the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club and aspire to become an oplympic athlete.

For me web design isnt a job, its a hobby and a passion, I started designing and developing in 7th grade and have only expanded my knowledege of web development. I speak 6 languages English, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & SQL. I am also Adobe ACA Certified in Dreamweaver.

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My Works

Although its just begining I cannot wait to see how this develops over the years. Let me put your business on this list.

Lanier Canoe and Kayak

Non-Profit Website


When I set out on this project I was looking though the versions of the old website. It was cluttered, outdated & just screamed early 2000's. It was a must that we developed a website that would bring the club into the modern days of web design.

Uses of the Site

LCKC wanted to develop a new way to use their website. They wanted to be able to take reservations for boat retals, have event regestration and management, be able to print out tickets that can be used for quick event check-in, quickly post results to the website & and livestream events directly. Another idea was if the coaches can directly communicate with athletes as well as athletes collaborate accross teams. I created a site that we called "Paddlebook". Using a modified wordpress plugin called Buddypress athletes were then able to talk to eachother as well as get information and regester for events going on at the club.

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Willow Lake Bed and Breakfast

FBLA Competion Website


When I recived the topic for the 2014 Web Devlopment Competion in FBLA I knew exactly how I wanted this site to look. I began trying to find insparation and looking at other bed and breakfasts to see how they laid out their sites. I stumbled upon a template that I decided to modify for my site. During this project I learned many of the skills I know today such as HTML and CSS.


I sweapt clean the county and region competitions with 1st place and then recived 6th in the state sadly due to the skill of the judges we had. The site that won was created on wix. We were the only handcoded website.

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