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Just a lil' bit of everything.

Desktop and Mobile Development

Let me build a georgous custom built websites built exactly to your needs.

Wordpress Development

Let me build your custom Wordpress website fit exactly to your specific needs.

Network Administration

Let me put build the perfect computer system for your company.

Custom Network Solutions

Let me get you exactly the connection you need.

Featured Project

Take a look at the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Clubs new website.
Custom built to let users find what they are looking for and also allow athelets to collaborate through the internal social network.

About Me

Hey there, I am Sev de Neergaard, a nineteen year old computer nerd from Gainesville, Georgia. I am currently a freshman at University of North Georgia studying computer sciences. I am a hardworking out going computer enthusiast who loves learning new things and building my knowledge. With knowledge in Mac, PC, Windows 7/8/10, Office, Server Administration and more. I am ready to take on any chalenge you can throw at me.

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My Works

Although its just begining I cannot wait to see how this develops over the years. Let me put your business on this list.

Lanier Canoe and Kayak

Non-Profit Website


When I set out on this project I was looking though the versions of the old website. It was cluttered, outdated & just screamed early 2000's. It was a must that we developed a website that would bring the club into the modern days of web design.

Uses of the Site

LCKC wanted to develop a new way to use their website. They wanted to be able to take reservations for boat retals, have event regestration and management, be able to print out tickets that can be used for quick event check-in, quickly post results to the website & and livestream events directly. Another idea was if the coaches can directly communicate with athletes as well as athletes collaborate accross teams. I created a site that we called "Paddlebook". Using a modified wordpress plugin called Buddypress athletes were then able to talk to eachother as well as get information and regester for events going on at the club.

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Willow Lake Bed and Breakfast

FBLA Competion Website

I built this website for a Web Design competition for FBLA. We were asked to create a site for a bed and breakfast. My insparation came from a house I found while searching the internet. This is where Willow Lake came to be.

The site was built off of a free template (although heavily modified) as I only had 2 weeks to get this site ready and submitted. This was the first full sized site I built. It really helped spark my love for webdevlopment.

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Montaluce Winery and Estates

Local Company


When Montlauce approcahed me about getting a new face to their out dated website I was more than willing to jump at this opportunity. Montlauce had worked with a Horn Photography and design to create a wireframe that I then brought to life through the Brooklyn Wordpress theme.


Throughout the project I colaborated with the guys up at Montaluce to bring their dreams to life. The goal was a easy to navigate find everything you could need on one page and a neverending loop of diving deeper into the website to learn more and more. During the process the site was devloped on my personal server to allow offline editing and quick access to changes and rapid devlopment.

Final Product

The final website was a clean minimalistic design with everything you need within 3 clicks or less. The use of Event Booking Pro allowed Montaluce to sell tickets in their evergrowing market of events and tours or tastings. The onsite resturant is now able to take reservations directly from the site through OpenTable. Weddings are now easier than ever to learn about and contacting for questions is slipstreamed to a simple form.

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